The Link Between Planned Parenthood and The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation

Women of color have been the target of Eugenics policies for many years. Margaret Sanger's Planned Parenthood, has its roots in the destruction of people of color.

Definition: Eugenics - The study of hereditary improvement of the human race by controlled selective breeding. (American Heritage Dictionary, Standard Edition)

"Margaret Sanger built Planned Parenthood, on the ideas and resources of the eugenics movement." (

In one town alone, Barceloneta Puerto Rico, 20,000 women were sterilized between 1956 and 1976 (Garcia 1985).(Garcia, Ana Maria. La operacion. Produced and directed by Ana Maria Garcia. 40 min. New York: Cinema Guild, 1982. Videocassette.)

In 2003, Komen Affiliates awarded $38.4 million in grants to support community outreach programs, including 21 grants to their local Planned Parenthood chapters totaling more than $475,000. (Kristin Kelly, Public Relations Manager, The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation;

Kristin Kelly is no longer working at SGK.

Planned Parenthood is the number one provider of abortions internationally.

Why is Komen not using its resources to fund more grass-roots initiatives, instead of handing money to a huge, established organization like Planned Parenthood?

Another abortion related agenda SGK is supporting: the black-out on the 16 statistically significant epidemiological studies linking abortion to breast cancer. Is one hand washing the other?

Nancy Brinker, Komen Founder

SGKfounder Nancy Brinker is listed for 2002 as a member of the advisory board of Planned Parenthood of North Texas...

In 2002 , Planned Parenthood of North Texas became the largest independent family planning provider in the state and the fifth largest Planned Parenthood affiliate in the nation. (North Texas 2002 annual report. Download their report:

In 2003, Komen Affiliates awarded 21 grants to their local Planned Parenthood chapters totaling more than $475,000. THAT SAME YEAR Planned Parenthood of North Texas built a $5,000,000 facility. Money is fungible: "Breast services" funds from the the Komen Foundation will only serve to white-wash Planned Parenthood's abortion agenda.

PROOF: The 2003 Planned Parenthood financial reports show that in the year they received $475,000 from Komen abortion services went UP and breast services went DOWN.

Why is The Komen Foundation giving Planned Parenthood its Race for the Cure money? That money is earned by sneakered women struggling to raise money for breast cancer research and grass-roots groups.

The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation should withdraw its continued financial support of Planned Parenthood, a multi-million dollar, international abattoir,
that is systematically focused upon the abortion and destruction of life.

Do not run in The Race For The Cure again until they quit funding Planned Parenthood and ALL abortion related facilities.